Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions below, so feel free to use this list as a starting point. If you don’t see the answer to your questions below, contact us and we’ll get you an answer as quickly as possible.
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Our support office hours are from 9 AM – 6 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Any maintenance or service tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular business hours. For priority support clients, we do monitor requests during off-hours and may be able to attend to the request outside of regular business hours for issues that are critically time-sensitive. These issues include repairing a website that has been bumped offline due to a change or edit that a client makes to the website that does not perform as expected.

When you sign up for a service plan, you will create a client account on our platform where you will have access to our help ticket system. From there, you will select some information from drop-down menus and complete a form providing us with the information needed to complete your request.

Yes! When you create an account, you will be able to manage all of your account plans under a single dashboard account. We will work with you to ensure that we know which plan goes with each domain you wish to have a service plan for. We would be delighted to work with you to support multiple websites. 

Yes! We use Stripe as our credit card processor and employ their subscription service. All credit card information is kept in Stripe’s world-class secure system so we do not keep any of your credit card information on file. This allows us to employ their subscription service to automatically charge your credit card each term and keep your service current. If your credit card is about to expire Stripe will send reminder emails through our integration asking you to update your card with new information. Sleep well knowing your service is automated and secure.

You can cancel your service any time by logging into your account on our website and navigating to the subscription management page. You will see a button in your account that will let you cancel your service at any time. You will be billed through the end of your plan’s term and services will continue to be provided until your term ends.

We do support staging sites for our Top Level Service plan clients. If you would like to have us maintain a staging site under one of the other plans, you will have to purchase two plans… one for the live site and one for the staging site. This option is not available for our other plans.

Since you would be using your own hosting service and not one that we provide, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to solve all issues that arise from your hosting service. That said, we do have extensive experience with many of the main hosting services and may be able to help you with your issue. You are welcome to ask and we will do our best to help you with your needs.

WordPress is constantly improving its platform to stay current with technological advances across the internet. To assess the specific ways that these future WordPress updates impact you, we will need to provide a formal audit of all active plugins, themes, and API integrations on your site(s). If an update creates a situation where some part of your website is no longer functional should you update to the new version release, we will contact you to initiate a discussion on what your future options may be. We may suggest switching a plugin to a new plugin, delaying an update to allow for code authors to catch up to the changes, or suggest ways to rebuild all or parts of your website to bring it up to date. These update kinds of major upgrades would not be included as part of the maintenance service and we would provide a quote to complete the recommended updates or decide together on the next steps.

After you purchase your service plan, we will send you a “Customer Intake” request, so we can collect some information about your site. This allows us to connect to your site in order to install our service offerings such as security monitoring, backups tools, and optimization plugins. We keep these credentials private and will never share these details with anyone not associated with our service team.

Each service plan comes with a set number of “service” hours for work that we perform on your behalf. (You also get unlimited technical support to answer questions on how to service your site yourself.) We also sell additional services hours in the form of Premiere, Ultimate, or Producer hours.

We “bill” our clients in 15-minute increments for services performed. If you submit a request for service, we will let you know how many 15-minute service blocks will be needed to complete the request should it require more than one billing block. That means that you get 4 Service Blocks for every hour of service your plans come with or you decide to purchase as add-on hours.

Yes! If you have a project you would like us to take on, we can provide you with a quote for how many hours it will take to complete the requested service. Then, you decide whether to move forward with the request based on the quote we have provided.

Updating WordPress websites can be time-consuming and unpleasant work, but you gotta do it to keep your website secure. That’s where Safe Updates comes in – we create a restore point for you, compare the website before and after the update, and roll back the update if something goes wrong. Yeah, it’s that easy. If there is a reason why your site cannot be updated, you’ll be notified of the issue.

The majority of issues are addressed free of cost, however, issues introduced by users or by plugin incompatibilities, or if particularly time-consuming issues arise, the update may be billable. In the rare instance that this happens, we will notify you of the issue and provide you with a quote for addressing the issue for your unique situation.

We can certainly try. In most cases, it should be as simple as rolling back to the most recent backup we have stored in the cloud for your website prior to the event that broke the site.

When a plugin is abandoned by its author, it will often have a short shelf-life where it continues to function properly before the code is no longer compatible with the underlying codebases that support WordPress and the internet at large. If you use a plugin that has been abandoned, we can make a recommendation for a replacement plugin to service your needs. In that case, we can replace the plugin as part of our service hours.

We provide between 1 and 4 service hours per month as part of our various service plans. These hours expire at the end of each month if not used. If you subscribe annually, hours are to be used on a per-month basis and cannot all be used at the start of your term. 

We also sell service hours on their own. These hours are good for one year from the date of purchase. Why do we do this? Imagine you move to another service supplier and have some hours that you bought with us a few years ago. Then, you suddenly return to request that we perform services on a website we are no longer familiar with. We may spend two to three times as long as we normally would learning your new website or getting reacquainted with your website. For this reason, we do not let service hours hang around forever. It is in our and your best interest to give them a shelf life. 

Absolutely! We love building new websites from the ground up. Please visit us at our Design Studio where you can initiate a conversation on launching a new website.