About Us

We specialize in the WordPress ecosystem. Our team has worked with the WordPress CMS since it was founded and is familiar with hundreds of community plugins that extend the capabilities of the platform. We’ll keep your site running smoothly so you don’t have to.

I have over twenty-five years of web design experience and employ a grid design methodology for website building.

I’ve been designing since 1997 and working almost exclusively with WordPress since its founding in 2003. By employing a grid design technique the possibilities are limitless. Think of your website pages as a blank canvas where you can render the information you would like to present in any way you want. This is in direct contrast to your typical WordPress designer who simply “skins” (and is limited by) existing themes. With a grid layout, you can think of your website as being a series of rows that can be broken into columns. From there, you can fill the space in with whatever widgets you like from forms to images to text. Let’s work together to deliver your message with style.

We enjoy learning about WordPress and all that goes into website maintenance as much you love doing the things that led you to launch your own website.

We offer a full suite of services to meet your needs. We can simply keep your base website code up to date or we can provide deep security services to protect your website as one of the central tools that keeps your business functioning to its maximum potential. If you need additional support, we can even update your site on your behalf. Let us concentrate on serving your website needs so you can concentrate on serving your clients with your passions.

Three WordPress Site Service options to choose from.

Comprehensive Maintenance

It is essential that you keep WordPress themes, plugins, and the core CMS up to date to keep your website running smoothly. The internet has become an arms race between hackers and website owners. If your website’s underlying code is not kept up to date, you may be opening yourself to costly downtime.

Maintenance & Security

With this plan, you receive all of the benefits of our baseline Comprehensive Maintenance plan along with added layers of security. We’ll implement firewall protections along with daily malware and vulnerability scans to keep your site safe from hackers. Read on to learn more about why it is crucial to add security protection to your website.

Site Management Services

With our site management service plans, you get maintenance, security, and more. We’ll assist you with your website so you can focus on your business. Let us keep the site safe, secure, and updated with the most recent code releases as well as with your latest content. We have three management options to serve your needs.